Selected Results

At the end of your case, what matters most to you is results.  The attorneys at Dross Berman are seasoned professionals with a track-record of success.  You can see the some of our practice areas, and results that have been obtained by our attorneys over the years.  Please note that past performance and results are not indicative or predictive of future outcomes.  Selected cases and verdicts can be found below.

We get you the results you deserve

Automotive Accidents

Car, Truck, Motorcycle, etc.

Wrongful Death- Motor Vehicle Collision

$1,000,000 recovered by family of 54 year-old victim killed in a motor vehicle crash.  Defendant’s insurance company vigorously denied coverage until night before trial.

Motor Vehicle Collision- two victims

$1,030,000 total recovery for two victims in motor vehicle collision case

  • $565,000 recovery for driver.  Middle aged victim suffering from fracture and spinal injury
  • $465,000 recovery for passenger.  Middle aged victim suffering from fracture and surgery.

Pedestrian struck in crosswalk in Alexandria, VA

$750,000 recovery by senior citizen struck in crosswalk by van operated by major hotel chain.  Victim suffered fractured knee and closed head injury.

Motor Vehicle Accident - Serious Head Injury

Motor Vehicle Accident/ Serious Head Injury

$725,000.00 present value settlement on behalf of an 18-year-old man who suffered blindness in one eye and a mild permanent brain injury when the driver of the vehicle he was riding in lost control and caused the vehicle to run off the road and strike a tree. (Structured settlement – Total payout to client $1.4 million)

Motor Vehicle Accident/Serious Permanent Disability

$500,000.00 settlement on behalf of a 75-year-old woman who was involved in a rear-end collision, and suffered a severe aggravation of a previous low back injury,  causing a chronic pain syndrome, requiring extensive surgery and resulting in serious permanent disability.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Shoulder fracture

$300,000.00 Jury verdict on behalf of a man who sustained a serious shoulder injury when he was struck by a speeding motorist who lost control during snow and ice conditions.

Multiple Accidents/Permanent Disability

A total of $230,000.00 in settlements from three defendants on behalf of a woman who was involved in three different accidents within one year and claimed that all of them combined to cause permanent disability from gainful employment.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Injured Postal Worker

$180,000.00 jury verdict on behalf of a U.S. Postal Carrier who sustained serious injury when his postal vehicle was struck by a motorcycle that was travelling in excess of 90 mph and was illegally attempting to pass the postal vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Head Injury

$101,000.00 arbitration award on behalf of a woman who suffered a mild, but permanent, closed-head brain injury as a result of a relatively minor rear-end collision.

Motorcycle Accident

$225K settlement on behalf of a young man who suffered road rash after his motorcycle was t-boned in Rockville, MD.

Automobile Accident/Broken Ribs

$75K total settlement on behalf of a victim of a motor vehicle collision who broke two ribs in Germantown, MD.

Cyclist Fractured Ankle

$475K settlement on behalf of a bicyclist who fractured her ankle while struck by vehicle who ran stop sign.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Back Injury

$400k settlement on behalf of a man who suffered a low back injury, which required extensive surgery, in a rear end motor vehicle collision.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Under-insured Motorist

$600K total settlement for two client’s under their Under-insured Motorist policy for a man who suffered a severe injury from a motor vehicle collision caused by a person with very limited liability coverage.  His passenger who has also suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Whiplash/Soft Tissue Injury

$175K jury verdict in Prince George’s County who suffered a whiplash/soft tissue injury to his back.

Rear-end Collision/Whiplash

$26,500 settlement for whiplash/soft tissue injuries caused by rear-end collision in Potomac, MD.

Motor Vehicle Accident/Whiplash

$40,000 settlement for whiplash/soft tissue injuries caused by t-bone collision in Greenbelt, MD.

Motor Vehicle Collision

$250k settlement for a motor vehicle collision victim.

Pedestrian struck in crosswalk in Rockville, MD

$200,000 recovery by a young lady with fractured pelvis struck in a crosswalk by a vehicle

Collision - Concussion

$60,000 recovery in a case involving a young man with a concussion

Motor Vehicle Accident - Knee Surgery

$450,000 recovery for gentleman struck in the District of Columbia requiring knee surgery

Motor Vehicle Accident

Loudon County, VA – $600,000 recovery in traumatic brain injury case

Animal Caused Injuries

Dog Bites, etc.

Dog Bite/Facial Scar

$100,000.00 present value settlement on behalf of a 4-year-old boy who sustained a permanent facial scar as a result of being bitten by a neighbor’s dog. (Structured settlement: total payout over $200,000.00)

Dog Bite/Permanent Scarring

$500K settlement on behalf of a 10-year-old girl who suffered permanent scarring to her face due to a dog bite in Fairfax, VA.

Loose Dog

$145K settlement for broken wrist caused by a loose dog running into his bicycle in Rockville, MD.

Dog Bite in Fairfax, VA

A young girl received a $150,000 settlement for a dog bite to her thigh

Dog Bite on Face

Young lady who was bitten on her face in Prince George’s County had a $125,000 recovery

Nursing Home Abuse

Neglect, mistreatment, medication errors, etc.

Negligence/Nursing Home Abuse

$225K settlement on behalf of senior citizen who fell from second story window and fractured her hip due to nursing home’s negligence.

Civil Rights

Police brutality, unlawful arrest, etc.

Police Brutality

Undisclosed settlement against Prince George’s County Police Department in police brutality/civil rights case.  This case was settled after the first day of trial.


Civil litigation, criminal cases, and more

Laser Hair Removal Scarring

$67,500 settlement on behalf of a young woman who suffered minor scarring following laser hair removal.

Fair Debt Collection Act Violation

$50K settlement on behalf of victim of flagrant and harassing calls in violation of the Maryland Fair Debt Collection Act (“FDCA”).

Bad Faith Insurance Claim Denial

$500K settlement for insurance company’s bad faith refusal to pay for personal property damaged in a fire loss in Potomac, MD.

Long-term Disability Claim

$150K settlement after winning court proceeding against insurance company after a bad faith denial of an ERISA long-term disability claim.

Settlement Against Major Automobile Manufacturer

$200,000 recovered from a major automobile manufacturer due to product liability

Liability Claims

Premises liability, slip and fall, etc.

Negligent Security/Serious Personal Injury

$400,000.00 settlement against a major motel chain on behalf of a woman who sustained serious injury when the motel caught fire and she was forced to jump from her second-floor balcony. The fire had been set by an arsonist who gained access due to negligent security.

Negligent Supervision/Juvenile Delinquency Facility

$350,000.00  present value settlement against a Juvenile delinquency facility on behalf of a 9-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by another 13-year-old male resident. (structured settlement: total payout over $ 1.1 million)

Head Injury/D.C. Insurance Guarantee Fund

$300,000.00 settlement on behalf of a man who suffered a closed-head brain injury when he was rear ended by a commercial vehicle. The defendant’s insurance company had gone insolvent and the claim was settled with the District of Columbia Insurance Guarantee Fund.

Slip and Fall/Back Injury

$250,000.00 settlement aginst a major grocery store chain on behalf of a man who slipped on a wet floor and sustained a serious permanent low back injury.

Premises Liability/Falling Object

$220,000.00 Arbitration Award against a prominent local restaurant on behalf of a 72-year-old physician who suffered a permanent case of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) when he was struck in the head by a falling air conditioning vent.

Negligent Construction Site/knee Injury

$190,000.00 settlement on behalf of an HVAC installation technician who fell through the floor and suffered a serious knee injury because of a dangerous condition at a residential construction site.

Slip and Fall/Hip Injury

$180,000.00 jury verdict against Howard University on behalf of a 67-year-old woman who suffered a serious hip injury when she slipped and fell on a puddle of vomit that was allowed to remain on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time in the main administration building.

Premises Liability/Knee Injury

$135,000.00 settlement on behalf of a man who suffered a serious knee injury when he fell down a flight of negligently maintained steps just outside his place of employment.

Trip and Fall/Premises Liability

$80,000 settlement for fractured leg sustained in trip and fall incident caused by deteriorating sidewalk at a hotel in Oxon Hill, MD.

Department Store Negligence/Premises Liability

$500k settlement against a major department store on behalf of a man who was badly injured when he fell from a faulty piece of exercise equipment which had been set out for customers to sample. This gentleman suffered significant head and shoulder injuries which caused permanent future impairment and the loss of significant income. This was a difficult case because the gentleman had suffered several previous injuries.

Vacation/Slip and Fall

$200k settlement for a trip/fall injury on behalf of a Maryland resident injured while on vacation in the state of Georgia.

Trip and Fall/Premises Liability

$200k settlement for a trip and fall injury for a 75-year-old woman in Montgomery county

Icy Parking Lot/Slip and Fall

$200k settlement for a slip and fall injury on ice in a parking lot of a grocery store in Rockville.

Premises Liability/Fall and Broken Arm

$100k settlement against Montgomery County government for a lady who fell and broke her arm at the library.

Nightclub Stabbing/Premises Liability

$75K total settlement on behalf of a victim who suffered superficial stab wound in an altercation with a bouncer at a Washington, DC night club.

Slip and Fall

$190K settlement for concussion and traumatic brain injury caused by cleaning staff’s failure to place a wet floor sign after mopping a floor in Washington, DC.

Slip and Fall - Hotel

Major hotel chain settled for $200,000 for a fractured hand and shoulder injury

Slip and Fall in Grocery Store

$200,000 recovery for woman who slipped and fell in a major grocery store