Health Insurance Company Denies Claims Without Reviewing Medical Records While this article may come as a surprise to many of you out there, for us at Dross Berman, it is just another day in the insurance world.  Last year, I had a client who was struck in the rear.  She pulled over to the side of the road, got out of her car […]

How to Protect your Long-Term Disability Claim

Peggy suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.  For years, she has struggled to perform her job duties at a data management firm.  Her job, which involves inputting data for 8 hours a day, was impossible for her to perform.  She couldn’t sit for long periods of time, and her disease made it impossible for her to type.  […]

You can afford a personal injury attorney!

One of the most terrifying parts of being injured is the financial stress caused by the accident.  As medical bills pile up, and you are unable to go to work, your fear of financial instability may prevent you from seeking an attorney.  A lot of my clients admit that they waited to seek an attorney’s […]

McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case and Personal Injury Claims: What is the truth?

The other night at a dinner party, an acquaintance asked me what type of law I practice.  When I mentioned that I do personal injury, the discussion quickly turned to the McDonalds “hot coffee” case.  Insurance companies and tort reformers still use the famous McDonalds “hot coffee” case from 1992 as “exhibit one” in their […]

How to lower your auto insurance rates

  In today’s economy, while average family is looking for ways to save money, the average motor vehicle insurance cost has risen to over $1,100 for a single driver policy. Many of us write a check to our insurance company, without thinking twice about how their premium is calculated, or why their insurance is so […]