Do You Need an Electric Scooter Accident Lawyer and is Your Electric Scooter Accident a Viable Legal Case?

Young woman injured after e-scooter accident

Electric scooters and e-scooters are all the rage – unfortunately, the explosion in their popularity has also led to the explosion in e-scooter injuries and e-scooter accidents. Companies that rent electric scooters often fail to properly maintain their equipment which is regularly used heavily and not always gently! This lack of maintenance can lead to serious scooter-related injuries, including head injuries, broken bones, brain injuries, paralysis, and much more.

Why are E-Scooter Injuries Becoming Common?

Scooter riders regularly hop onto an electric scooter with certain expectations: (1) the brakes are working correctly; (2) the wheels are properly functioning; (3) the speed is reasonably regulated; (4) the battery is fully charged; and (5) that other motorists on the road will respect their rights to use public spaces, only to find out that this is not always the case! The nature of scooter use leads to equipment that is not always in the best shape. Scooter riders that hit the brakes at intersections may end up being struck by a motor vehicle or by cyclists. Scooter riders may also rely on turning the handlebars for steering to find out they are not going in the direction they expected or not turning as quickly as they need to dodge a pothole which can lead to severe injuries. These factors, the ubiquity of scooters, and the lack of training or licensure to operate scooters have led to a relatively high injury rate amongst e-scooter riders.

The increase in scooter accidents is not just anecdotal – a study conducted by the Public Health and Transportation departments in Austin, Texas, in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), raises questions about scooter safety. Researchers studied an 87-day period in Austin from early September to late November 2018 and concluded that 190 people—about 20 for every 100,000 rides—had confirmed or probable injuries while riding e-scooters that required treatment by an emergency center or emergency medical services. The authors believe many other injuries may have received urgent care or lesser treatment and went unreported. Nearly half (45%) of the confirmed injuries were head injuries. (Source: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mike Stephenson).

Should I Contact a Lawyer?

If you were riding an e-scooter and suffered from an injury, you should speak with a lawyer that has experience in representing clients against scooter companies such as Bird, Lime, Lyft, and others. If your scooter injury led to a visit to an emergency room or emergency department, resulted in a car accident or accident with bicyclists, caused property damage, or led to serious injuries, it is worth a free consultation with a personal injury attorney. Our team has handled cases of many scooter operators that have been hurt and has helped our clients recover medical bills, lost wages, economic damages, and pain and suffering compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case!