Motorcycle Accidents

The nature of motorcycles makes motorcycle accidents particularly serious for riders.  As motorcycles lack many of the protective elements that modern cars and trucks may have, sustained injuries are often severe, permanent, and in many cases, may be life-threatening. Something as simple as a rolling through a stop sign, or abruptly changing lanes, can change the course of a rider’s life catastrophically. These injuries can prevent you from working now and well into the future, or even permanently as the case may be.

These injuries sustained from motorcycle accidents can keep riders from working both in the short-term, and long-term – even permanently in some cases.  Motorcycle riders may endure loss of companionship, pain and suffering and property damage, not to mention substantial medical bills that in many cases can approach seven figures.

Frequently, victims of motorcycle accidents suffer from “road rash”.  Road rash, or large cuts over a person’s body, is caused when the victim’s body strikes the pavement following a crash.  Road rash is extremely painful, and can necessitate substantial treatment such as skin grafts.  Most people who suffer road rash are left with scarring and disfigurement.  Many motorcycle accident victims who suffer road rash require future surgery or treatment.

With the help of a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer, you can receive just and fair compensation for all of these damages.  We will strive to obtain a fair settlement that will help you return to your original quality of life, or adapt to permanent changes with the resources you need. While no monetary figure can make up for the losses you may incur, you can be assured that we will work for you to make your future secure.