Statistics About Car Accidents in Montgomery County, Maryland

Driving in Montgomery County, Maryland, brings its challenges, as seen from the recent accident statistics. Dross Berman, a Rockville-based personal injury law firm, provides a closer look at these numbers, advocating for road safety and standing by those who’ve been affected by accidents by protecting their rights and helping them secure financial compensation for their injuries.

Montgomery County Car Accident Overview

As of July 2023, Montgomery County, Maryland, has already seen 28 fatalities from car accidents. Ten were pedestrian accidents, four involved motorcyclists, eight were speed-related, 11 from aggressive driving, one due to distracted driving, eight from impairment, and seven from unrestrained occupants. If you or a loved one have been impacted by a traffic accident, Dross Berman’s personal injury attorneys are here for a free consultation to discuss your options.

2022’s Alarmingly High Numbers

Last year in the county, there were nearly 12,100 total accidents, including nearly 3,700 involving an injury or fatality, while the remaining 8,400+ were limited to property damage. This translates to roughly 33 accidents per day. These numbers reveal that accidents are an everyday risk to drivers in Maryland and Montgomery County.

A Statewide Perspective in Maryland

Beyond Montgomery County, the situation is equally dire, with 338 statewide fatalities through July 2023. Aggressive driving caused the most fatalities at 169, followed by 91 distracted driving accidents, 86 speed-related, 74 unrestrained occupants, and 61 impairment-related.

Pedestrian and Motorcyclist Concerns

The vulnerability of pedestrians and motorcyclists is a particular concern, evident from the fatality numbers. Targeted safety measures are needed. If you are a pedestrian or motorcyclist involved in an accident, Dross Berman understands your unique challenges and is ready to assist.

Contact an Experienced Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

The data paints a somber picture of road safety in Montgomery County. However, awareness, caution, and adherence to road safety regulations can make a difference. If you or a loved one have been in a car accident, contact Dross Berman’s personal injury attorneys for a free consultation. We’re committed to providing support, guidance, and professional legal assistance to help you through this challenging time. Your safety and legal rights are our priority, and we encourage you to take proactive steps with us to make Montgomery County a safer place for all and to help you recover damages if you’ve been injured in a car accident.