Car totaled in a crash? Gap insurance can save you from financial devastation due to property damage.

What auto dealers don’t tell you could cost 20% of your new car’s value. A client of our firm recently purchased a brand new car.  She performed online research to make sure she was getting the best price available, she spent more time researching the best car loan rates, she spent hours at the dealership […]

Car Accident

I was in a car accident! What now?

Greetings!  Most people have been in, or know someone who has been in a car accident.  Whenever I have a conversation with people about what I do, I seem to get the same questions.  Here are a few of the most common questions.  Of course, if you have been in an accident, I recommend reaching […]

A Welcome Letter from Joshua S. Berman, Esq.

Dear Friend: The stakes are high for you and your family following an accident – I know from personal experience.  When I was a child, a teenage driver who was late to school ran a red light, caused a car accident, and changed my family’s life.  In an instant, my father, the main bread-winner in […]