Criminal Matters and Serious Traffic Violations

If You Are Arrested for a Crime, Call a Lawyer

The attorneys at Dross Berman LLC are experienced criminal attorneys and have represented clients in serious traffic infractions and matters (such as speeding tickets and speed limit violations, reckless driving, hit and runs, and more), DUI/DWI, assault and battery, and other types of criminal proceedings. Our team of attorneys will work to protect your rights if you receive a serious traffic ticket, moving violation, or other criminal charges. Individuals charged with criminal traffic violations often lose their driving privileges due to a revocation of their driver’s license, are subject to jail time, receive points on their license, increased insurance rates and premiums, and more. For non-traffic related criminal matters, our team will work to give you the best legal advice possible, or, if necessary, we can refer you to an attorney that specializes in your specific type of criminal case.

Whether you have received a felony charge or misdemeanor criminal charge, you should speak with a qualified and experienced law firm and criminal defense attorney to ensure you know your rights and that those rights are protected. While no attorney should ever guarantee any results, we can promise you that we will provide you with top-quality representation.

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Important Tip:

Whether you plan to hire Dross Berman or another criminal defense attorney to represent you, make sure that you take note of the following: (1) If you may be the subject of a criminal case or investigation, never speak to law enforcement or a police officer without an attorney present – your right to remain silent is important, so make sure you use it! (2) Do not show up to a court appearance or court date without qualified legal counsel on your side – the legal system is not always easy to navigate, so a legal team on your side is critical! (3) Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor offense or a felony, the repercussions can be serious – do not underestimate the charge because it does not sound serious!