Responsabilidad por productos y productos defectuosos

Products don’t always work as intended, but sometimes, not working correctly can result in serious personal injury or even wrongful death. If this happens, you have the right to be compensated for your expenses, including medical costs, expenses for care, lost wages, and punitive damages from the manufacturers of defective products. This is where having the right product liability lawyers on your side can be the difference between a case that is successful and one that is not.

As Dross Berman, our product liability attorneys are experienced in evaluating and diligently investigating a product failure. We work with top industry experts to identify all parties liable for the injury, be it from a flaw in the design, a manufacturing defect, ineffective labeling, issues in the supply chain, or negligence from a retailer selling a product.

What Should I do if I am Injured by a Product?

If you or a loved one experiences bodily injury or is hurt as a result of a product failure, the most important first step is seeking medical care if it required. After that, it is essential to try and save the product in the condition it was in immediately following the injury – this includes keeping any packaging or instructions both from the manufacturer and the retailer from where you purchased the product, as well as taking photos of the product and the scene of the failure, noting conditions surrounding the failure, and more. Our product liability attorneys consult with some of the best industry experts to determine why you were injured and we will make sure to bring them in to identify design defects, product defects, claims history associated with a product or company, and much more. Make sure you quickly reach out to a law firm specializing in product liability cases for a consultation.

What Types of Product Liability Cases Does Dross Berman Handle?

Our law firm represents people who have been injured by a wide variety of products, including:

  • Asientos para niños
  • Cinturones de seguridad
  • Dispositivos médicos
  • Maquinaria y dispositivos de seguridad defectuosos
  • Equipos de construcción
  • Productos alimentarios
  • Productos farmacéuticos y medicamentos

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